PURE IDIOCY – Airplane flies over the rainbow

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PURE IDIOCY – Airplane flies over the rainbow Bufale.net

You might have seen this picture being shared over the Internet and on several other news sites. According to these, the airplaine is supposedly flying over a rainbow.
Or, you could have seen this variation of the same theme.

Hate it to break it to you, but

flying over a rainbow is physically impossible!

What we call a “rainbow” is actually an optical and meteorological phenomenon caused by the refraction and reflection of light passing through even the smallest of water particles in the sky. The rainbow colour seen in the picture is in fact “polarized light”: as Buzzfeed states clearly,

[i]n this blog post from 2008, Claudia Hinz describes the three requirements to get a similar photo for yourself:

1. There is polarised light behind the window
2. The window is made of a double refracting matter
3. A polarisation filter is used in front of the window.


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