HOAX with a sidedish of RACISM – Kidnapping clowns scare

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HOAX with a sidedish of RACISM – Kidnapping clowns scare Bufale.net

Our readers have been very active as of late, and have sent us another fine hoax to write about.
An Italian news site reported of a “polish killer clown” currently at large. His purpouse is to “kidnap children in order to sell their organs to the black market”.
This is the picture that was “proven” to capture the culprit before one of his nefarious actions.
Clown Facchio
Needless to say, this photo proves nothing, since this is actually a picture of “the Chesterfield clown“, a guy whose only purpose was – you guessed it – scaring the living hell out of people. As of today, there are no police records of such sightings, nor of an actual kidnap by clown.
This has been proven an actual hoax… with a sidedish of racism. Because, you know, polish people actually dress up like clowns to kidnap children.

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