HOAX and SCAM – The horrible larvae from Nivea shampoos

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HOAX and SCAM – The horrible larvae from Nivea shampoos Bufale.net

So you’ve probably seen this image hanging around on your friends’ Facebook walls.


(Here it says Nivea, but it could be any other product – like Head & Shoulders, for starters.)
I bet this actually freaked you out. Well, fear no more: this is just an elaborate hoax.
The preview image of the supposed shock video is actually a lotus seedpod photoshopped on a man’s shoulder. This is not a new trick: the hoaxer used an existing shock mail featuring a so-called “Breast larvae”  growing and squirming from a skin rash. According to the creepy text, the breast larvae are caused from a non-descript parasite, whose eggs were resting in the fabric of bras. This was previously debunked here by HoaxSlayer, on June 2014.


Source: HoaxSlayer

Notice anything familiar? I bet you do.

Source of comparison: Phishlist

That’s right: photo editing magic right there. Rest assured: no larvae on your shoulders, nor anywhere else.
Oh by the way, whatever you do, don’t click. Click, and you’ll be redirected to a fishy scam site, ridden with spam. Turn your back, look away, and DON’T CLICK.

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