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HOAX Illusionist Dynamo dies during his show in London – bufale.net Bufale.net


the latest venture in order of time of Dynamo , 32 year-old British magician , was One of Those by Staying in the annals of Magic : rise above the tallest skyscraper in London, the Shard . What a shame Something went SIA was to come : Many of Spectators Having witnessed the macabre and Entertainment They posted online Images of Tragedy , The Highlight of the Company during the Young magician has lost his grip on a rope and E precipitate down from the skyscraper crashing Silla shelter of the hall of the palace . The Wizard was quite well-known in whole Europe for your Company held a ESPECIALLY London, the Italian Public HAD known him ESPECIALLY Thanks to the Television series on DMAX , Dynamo , magic Impossible . On the Facebook profile of the Magician are already thousands demonstrations of grief on Twitter and depopulated the hashtag #RIPDYNAMO

It has come to our attention the news about the presumed death of illusionist Steven Frayne, also known as Dynamo.
Needless to say, THIS IS A HOAX, whose source is an online satirical news site.
Steven Frayne is alive and well… but the same cannot be said about his last levitation trick. The performance has been heavily criticized for and marred by the visibility of wires.

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