HOAX – € 25K if marrying by the end of 2015

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HOAX – € 25K if marrying by the end of 2015 Bufale.net

We usually receive emails and notifications concerning what they feel could be misinformation or hoax. This one was… particularly interesting.

La Comunità Europea ha approvato il primo Piano per le politiche familiari che ha delineato una serie di azioni ed interventi da attuarsi nei paesi membri per la famiglia e secondo le risorse disponibili. Fra le misure previste anche un incentivo di 25 mila euro per tutte le coppie che decideranno di sposarsi entro la fine dell’anno 2015 a norma dell’articolo 5 del D.L. 201/2014 (c.d. Salva famiglia)

For the benefit of our English readers, the text gives out the news of a plan focused on family, with a tax incentive of roughly 25.000 € “for every couple willing to marry by the end of the year 2015”.
While this sounds plausible, it is in fact just an hilarious hoax. The source of this paragraph is a satyrical news aggregator called Corriere del Mattino. Of course, this means no official source confirms the tax incentive. Corriere del Mattino (eng: The Morning Courier) has been proven from time to time to be one of the most virally effective when dealing with fake news, so much so that our Italian repository is filled with their pranks.

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